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Sony a7S II Mirrorless Camera


"Meet the α7S II — with ultra-high sensitivity, wide dynamic range, internal 4K movie recording and superior shooting stability."

SmallHD Focus Monitor


"The 5-inch micro HDMI monitor you can see outside."

LiteGear Litemat 2L


"Building on the success of the original LiteMat, with its thin and ultra lightweight housing, soft color-correct Hybrid (bi-color) output, and convenient mounting options, the S2 LiteMat takes lighting to the next level."

4x4' Quasar Science Crossfade Lamps


"With the Q-LED Crossfade, tune the lamp from our beautiful 2000° Kelvin Candle Light all the way through to our 6000° Kelvin Overcast Daylight. "

5x Matthews C-Stands



"This is a black Matthews Century C Stand Grip Head Kit. It consists of a Double Riser Sliding Leg C Stand with a Grip Head and 40" Arm. The stand rises to a maximum height of 10.5' (3.2 m)."

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